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Startup Marketing Strategy Start-Up Marketing Strategy membantu pelaku bisnis start-up untuk menyusun strategi marketing yang tepat. Di dalam pembelajaran ini akan dijelaskan mengenai marketing/sales funnel, hal-hal yang perlu dipertimbangkan dalam penyusunan strategi marketing, bagaimana melakukan analisa target pasar, pemilihan teknologi, serta banyak hal lainnya. Bila Anda adalah pelaku bisnis start-up yang ingin mendapatkan pelanggan lebih banyak lagi, maka pembelajaran ini sangat tepat untuk Anda.

Course Syllabus

Marketing Funnel

  1. Identify where the sales transaction happens
  2. Identify what you need to complete the sales
  3. Identify how your prospect can evaluate your offer
  4. Identify how to increase the awareness of your offer
  5. Identify who you want your brand to be associated with
  6. Identify which to delegate, automate, outsource, collaborate or do it yourself
  7. (a) Go where your target audience’s attentions is
    (b) Digital Marketing Platform
  8. Master a platform first
  9. Respect the platform and communicate natively
  10. Always use the best tools and technologies


Nilai rata-rata keseluruhan kuis minimum 60% untuk mendapatkan sertifikat

Subject Matter Experts

Course Staff Image #1

Eric Pramono, S. Kom.

Current Role: Director of Ciputra Entrepreneurship ( Educational Background: Bachelor of Computer Science

    Related Working Experiences:
  • Lead the organization to develop 11 online courses accessed by over 100,000 students all over the world
  • Design, develop, and deliver My Entrepreneurial Journey (MEJ), a 12-week entrepreneurship course for business startups in Mawar Sharon Church Surabaya
  • Design the Performance Appraisal system used by all educational institutions under Ciputra Group
  • Develop the Quality Manual for Universitas Ciputra which consists of Quality Policies, Organization Structure, Roles and Responsibilities, Standard Operating Procedures, Working Instructions, Checklists, Guidelines, Document Templates, and Forms
  • Lead a reputable software development company in Indonesia to achieve the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) level 3 certification — increasing its status from ISO 9001:2000.
Course Staff Image #2

Gracia Ongkowijoyo, S.E.

Current Role: Head of Instructional Design of Ciputra Entrepreneurship
Education Background: Bachelor of Business Administration

    Related Working Experiences:
  • Adjunct Lecturer in Universitas Ciputra
  • Have a variety of business experiences in the automotive, real-estate, furniture, food and beverage, and foreign exchange industry.
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